About LAEP

Live Active EP

The City of El Paso is proud to introduce Live Active EP, a free platform for the community and the City of El Paso to join together in a city-wide movement to promote better health and wellness by encouraging physical activity, improved nutrition, and strong mental health.

Live Active EP began as an initiative to improve the overall health of our community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, it is vital to take an active lead to assist our community in focusing on their personal fitness and nutrition so that everyone is be ready, physically and mentally, for the next possible wave of COVID-19 infections and the upcoming flu season.

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To promote a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life for all the El Paso Community by encouraging physical activity, improved nutrition, and mental health education.


Create a well-rounded healthy community with exceptional health and wellness educational opportunities.

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How can Live Active EP Help?

By strengthening bodies and minds, we can empower the community to positively impact our collective spirit- our spirit of strength.

Live Active EP is modeled after the City of El Paso’s Employee Wellness Program – Shape it Up El Paso!